Payroll Card

Payroll Card Programme is an utterly effective system of salary payments. That is the reason why it is successfully used at the majority of Ukrainian enterprises.

Payroll Card Programme

For legal entities and entrepreneurs, the FINBANK offers execution of Payroll Card Programmes and Corporate Cards with the use of Visa International payment cards. Payroll Card Programme represents an agreement between the bank and the enterprise on payments of salaries, bonuses and compensations, business trip expenses and other amounts to the enterprise workers.

This payment system is not related to the use of cash. Its essence is that an organization transfers into its own salary account in the bank an amount, which includes salaries and other payments to workers (business trip expenses, bonuses, welfare and alimony payments etc.), and the bank, according to the organisation’s payroll, puts an appropriate amount of money to each worker’s card account. 

By concluding a Payroll Card Programme agreement you will accelerate the payment of salaries to your workers, simplify the process of reporting to supervisory authorities and provide your workers with a modern financial instrument.

telephones of client service of twenty-four-hour support of payment cards : 062-332-45-56; 0-800-50-555-55

Payroll Card Programme benefits

For enterprises

  • Reduction of encashment, cash transport and safekeeping costs.
  • Centralized salary payment to workers in any region of Ukraine (headquarters, branch offices, representative offices).
  • Simplified accountant’s department and cash desk operation.
  • Salary amounts data are confidential.
  • The payment is reduced to one bank transfer, the rest is taken care of by the bank.

For employees

  • Every month the bank adds interests on the salary account balance:  3%.
  • Payment card is a safer means of payment, its loss does not lead to the loss of all the money – the bank guarantees its re-issue in case of loss or damage).
  • Even if an employee is far away from the company office, he/she will get the salary on time into his/her salary card account.
  • Getting a payment card, employees automatically become holders of private accounts that may be used for personal purposes.
  • The bank issues to the employee his/her account statement on a monthly basis, free of charge.
  • There is an option allowing issue of an additional card in the name of a trustee.
  • Payments by card in the majority of pouts of sale.