Payment card is the most popular banking product worldwide. FINBANK Visa International card will make you feel at home in any country of the world.

Payment cards

Payment card is an important attribute of a modern person. We may make a long list of benefits from keeping your savings on a FINBANK card account. Your money will not burn in case of fire, it will not be stolen, and even if you lose your wallet your finances will be kept perfectly safe. Payment card gives you more freedom. You may use it to make purchases in any place of the world or in the Internet stores, simply staying at home. FINBANK cares for its customers’ safety and comfort and, therefore, offers them cards in one of the most reliable international systems, namely Visa International.

Visa payment card
International card Visa Int.

Visa Electron 

Visa Electron is the most popular card in Ukraine, the most reliable and democratic VISA Int. product that allows its holder to withdraw cash from cash machines and make purchases in shops equipped with a POS-terminal worldwide. VISA Electron card is a convenient way of saving and building up your money, reliable electronic “wallet” always at hand when needed.

Visa Classic 

Visa Classic card is a universal payment instrument accepted worldwide in any place bearing the Visa logo including cash machines, brick-and-mortar and virtual stores, as well as stores selling via mail or phone. This card is meant for customers already experienced in using bank cards. It is also much sought after amongst middle-income consumers, since it guarantees convenience, choice and financial flexibility.

Visa Gold 

Visa Gold card opens a door to the world of stunning privileges and opportunities. Visa Gold, as one of the best products is accepted worldwide and allows you to enjoy an impressive financial freedom.  Visa Gold card offers you not only a wonderful opportunity to pay for any goods and services, but also a number of important privileges to make your life easier and brighter. Beginning with services for travellers that include medical aid and legal advice and ending with impeccable customer support in case of card theft or loss. Simply enjoy your life, everything is under control!

All-Ukrainian ATM network “Radius”

All-Ukrainian ATM network “Radius” is one of the most major projects in Ukraine in terms of numbers of banks members and terminal devices involved. Implementation of a common brand allows PJSC FINBANK cardholders to identify with ease cash machines, which allow withdrawing cash and obtaining other services without additional fees.
Telephones of client service of twenty-four-hour support of payment cards : 062-332-45-56; 0-800-50-555-55