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PJSC "FINBANK" offers to legal entities different loan programmes having mutually rewarding terms and contributing to business prosperity.

Successful development requires timely support. The FINBANK loan programme reflects an adequate vision of the Ukrainian business needs.

From a business point of view, the main recipe for success consists in money that brings profit. FINBANK deposit programmes have been developed in such a way as to bring the maximum profits to the depositors.

Do you need to settle accounts with your partners in national or foreign currency or withdraw cash transferred into your account? FINBANK provides a full range of settlement and counter services.

  • Subscription packages for businesses

A wide range of tariff packages from FinBank allow customers to optimize costs and effectively manage their money and make payments and transactions in cash and non-cash.

FINBANK works professionally in the Ukrainian securities market. The Bank clients are provided with the full range of services in this domain: from arrangement of securities issues to bill avalization procedure. 

Currency trading plays an important role in any enterprise’s activities. FINBANK pays a lot of attention to international settlements of its clients.

  • Payroll Card Programmes  

    Payroll Card Programme is an utterly effective system of salary payments. That is the reason why it is successfully used at the majority of Ukrainian enterprises.

  • Corporate Cards  

    Corporate payment card has become an inseparable attribute of a modern businessman. If an enterprise has such cards, it is considered as evidence of its reliability and financial soundness.

  • "Client -Bank" System  

    "Client -Bank" System allows keeping tabs on your account without wasting your precious time on going to the bank.

  • Cash collection  

    Professional expertise earns confidence. Particularly, if the transport of large sums of cash is concerned, - this is carried out during many years by the FINBANK’s cash collection service.