Cash collection

Professional expertise earns confidence. Particularly, if the transport of large sums of cash is concerned, - this is carried out during many years by the FINBANK’s cash collection service.

Cash collection service

Many years experience and high professional level of our employees allows to provide with success all types of cash collection and cash transport services. Valuables transport is carried out by the professional cash collection service of the bank accompanied by armed guards.

By concluding a cash collection agreement with us you will ensure safekeeping of your cash during its transport in specialized vehicles. And you save time needed to receive or deposit cash at the FINBANK cash counter.  

Cash collection services are provided based on an appropriate agreement. The bank’s responsibility for keeping safe the money and valuables to be transported is fixed in the agreement with the client and becomes effective as of the moment of reception of valuables by collectors. The service fees are chargeable based on the agreement concluded, in accordance with the Bank tariffs.


Types of cash collection services

FINBANK offers the following cash collection services:

  • client’s trade receipts collection with subsequent re-counting and placing to the client’s account on the day of the cash collection. If the trade receipts collection takes place after the end of transaction day, the collected cash will be placed to the client’s account the next day before 10 AM;
  • cash delivery upon the client’s application;
  • delivery and collection of currency valuables under currency valuables’ purchase & sale contracts with other banks;
  • cash delivery for salary payments with selection of notes with required face-values;
  • transport of money and other valuables, including between subdivision of the same enterprise.